Each year, millions of shoes end up in landfills because of lack of proper care.

Bascket exists to end this.

Bascket is a shoe care brand from Belgium with a mission to inspire and empower people to make their shoes last longer, by creating thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use products, and sharing a know-how built through the reconditioning of several thousand of shoes.

"The best shoe cleaner on the market"

"Of all the shoe cleaning products we've tried, Bascket is the best shoe cleaning product that takes into account the material of the shoe and prolonging its longevity."


"Like brand new"

"I used the cleaning product on my Nike Air Max 1 Watermelons which I bought in 2018. The cleaning solution removed all the dirty spots on the suede, mudguard and toebox. I would definitely recommend this product if you want your shoes to look like brand new, even after wearing them on a daily basis for 3 years!"

- Resley V.

"Impressed, again"

"Should it be on suede, nubuck or mesh, what is striking with this product compared to others that I have tried is you don't damage the materials at all. Even just to freshen up a pair turned grey, it will do the job it promises. A new life for my sneakers is just around the corner of a spray, wait, dip and brush."

- Felix R.

Made with passion

Because there's nothing better than someone who's passionate about what they do, right?

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