How it started

Mixing passion and work

Bascket is a project driven by a passion for footwear.

This passion was born during two years working on the development of a sports shoe brand made in Italy. It was an enriching experience in the vicinity of Milan, Florence and Treviso, in contact with shoe enthusiasts from factories and trade fairs, who managed to transmit their passion for shoes to a novice.

Picture: Cleaning customers sneakers in June 2017

Started in a garden

At the beginning of 2017, with the desire to continue to mix passion and work, a shoe care service was launched in Brussels, starting in a garden.

I quickly realized that this new activity met an important demand, and above all, that despite that more and more people aspire to make their sneakers last longer, caring for them properly is difficult and laborious.

Picture: Cleaning friends sneakers in April 2017

Launching Bascket

After giving a second life to many thousands of shoes, the service was stopped during the Covid pandemic because I aspired to help more people than just those in my community.

June 2020, the Bascket project was launched with the aim to empower people to make their sneakers last for years.

Picture: Preparing the first stock in May 2020