The Sneaker
Care Guide

Material-specific cleaning tutorials and tips to make sure you know everything about sneaker care

Proper care is crucial to make your sneakers last longer.
However, cleaning sneakers has been tedious and laborious for too long.
With Bascket, I want to make caring for sneakers accessible, effortless and enjoyable.

Using an experience built on the reconditioning of thousands of sneakers since 2017, I want to share through this guide everything I know on the subject to help you to keep any sneakers for years.

What you need to know

Do not wait too long before cleaning your sneakers

Most sneakers are made of more sensitive and lower quality materials than those used in conventional footwear. Because of their fragility, it is better to clean them periodically and lightly than to wait too long and have to clean them thoroughly, which can shorten the life of your shoes more quickly.

Beware of dyed materials

There are many types of sneakers, of different production and quality. They do not all react in the same way to water. For example, some dyes used for leather, suede or textile can bleed when in contact with water. It is therefore important to always test the reaction of materials to water on a hidden part of the sneakers.

Some materials will darken when wet

Materials such as textiles, suede or certain leathers will darken when wet. These will lighten as they dry.

Clean one shoe at a time

In addition to making the process easier, you will have the opportunity to compare the result with the original condition of your shoes.

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