The Mission

Empowering you to make
your sneakers last for years

The sneaker market is constantly growing and is likely to be worth $30 billion by 2030.

Because of the complexity of their manufacture, sneakers are difficult to recycle. Most of them are doomed for landfills where some materials can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Even if more and more brands are innovating by developing Earth-friendlier models, extending the sneakers' lifespan remains the best way to reduce the ever growing environmental footprint of the industry.

However, many different materials make up sneakers and caring for them properly is laborious, which leads us to replace them sooner than we should.

So, how can we take good care of our sneakers easily?
How can we enjoy prolonging their life?

From this reflection, Bascket was born with a mission:

Inspiring and empowering people to make their sneakers last for years by creating well-designed and easy-to-use products, and sharing a know-how developed through giving a second life to thousands of shoes since 2017.