The Sneaker
Cleaning Guide

Cleaning tutorials and tips depending on the material
and stain types to ensure you learn everything about
how to care for your sneakers.

Proper care is crucial to ensure that your sneakers last longer.
However, cleaning sneakers has been tedious and laborious for too long.
Through Bascket, I want to make caring for sneakers accessible, effortless and enjoyable.

With an experience built on the reconditioning of thousands of sneakers since 2017, I want to share through this guide everything I know on the subject to help you to keep any sneakers for years.

How to clean your sneakers

Suede, nubuck, leather, canvas, knit, rubber, plastic... Many materials make up sneakers. It often happens that we find a mixture of several materials that require different attention on the same pair of sneakers. For example, some materials are more sensitive to water and will require a more delicate approach than others.

What you need to know

Do not wait too long before cleaning your sneakers

Most sneakers are made of materials that are more sensitive and of lower quality than those found on classic shoes. Due to their fragility, it is better to have a light periodic cleaning rather than waiting too long and having to clean them thoroughly with a lot of water, which will tire your sneakers more quickly. Furthermore,

Beware of dyed materials

There are many models of sneakers, of different productions and qualities. They do not all react the same way to water. For example, some leather, suede or textile dyes will discolor when moistened. This is why it is important to always test the reaction of the material to water on a hidden part of the shoes.

Some materials darken when moistened

Materials such as textiles, suede or certain leathers darken when moistened. Don't be afraid, these clear up as they dry.

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How to remove a stain from your sneakers

Se couper avec du papier, trop de sauce dans son hamburger, renverser une bougie ou son verre de vin rouge… Toutes ces situations ont un point commun : elles provoquent des taches tenaces.

Ces taches, il est important de les prétraiter avant de nettoyer vos sneakers. Malheureusement, il n’y a pas de traitement universel et il faudra traiter la tache au cas par cas en fonction de sa nature. L'eau chaude peut fixer certaines taches, comme le sang, et rendre leur élimination plus difficile. Par exemple, l'eau chaude est généralement recommandée pour les taches grasses.

Avant tout, il est important de savoir qu’il faudra peut-être être persistant : certaines taches peuvent nécessiter de répéter le procédé plusieurs fois. Sachez également que plus vite la tache sera traitée, plus il sera facile de la retirer. Si vous ne pouvez pas traiter la tache directement, absorbez-en un maximum à l’aide d’un essuie-tout.

Voici une liste des taches les plus courantes.

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