Proper care is crucial to ensure that your sneakers last longer. However, cleaning sneakers has been tedious and laborious for too long. With Bascket, I want to make caring for sneakers accessible, effortless and enjoyable.

With an experience built on the reconditioning of thousands of sneakers since 2017, I want to share through this guide everything I know on the subject to help you to keep any sneakers for years.

Cleaning Guides

Sneaker cleaning tutorials and tips regarding the material type (suede, nubuck, leather, cotton, polyester, rubber, plastic...).

Stain Guides

Wax, Ketchup, salt, water... Your sneakers are subject to different types of stains that have to be pretreated
in a specific way.

Care Guides

Extending the lifespan of your sneakers is more than just cleaning them regularly. These small tips will make them last longer.